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Merchant & Co leverages relationships with plantations across South America to supply the highest grade of sustainable Timber and Timber based products to our clients.
All of our processing is done at our facilities in Monteria, Colombia in order to keep costs as low as possible for builders, manufacturers, and distributors of our Dimensional Lumber and Finished Decking products.
The strength of our supply chain is our greatest asset.



Tectona Grandis

Plantation Grown Teak, Sustainably Harvested from Plantations in Colombia All of our Teak Products are harvested between 25-40 years of age, Dimensional Lumber is produced using only Heart wood to ensure the clearest quality of Grain free from imperfections

Brazilian Ipe Handroanthus Impegtiginosus

Ethically and sustainably harvested Brazilian Ipe, available with or without FSC Certification Ipe is valued all over the world for its resistance to damage and wear from the elements. Naturally waterproof, mold and rot resistant, and resistant to termites; Ipe is one of the hardest and most dense woods available on the market

Spanish Cedar
Cedrala Oderata

Spanish Cedar is another species that is extremely valuable for outdoor application. Known to be mold/rot resistant and immune to termites due to natural oils produced in its bark, Cedarr has excellent weathering characteristics and ages beautifully

Purple Heart
Peltogyne spp

Also known as Amaranth, Purple Heart has a unique color and grain even as freshly sawn timber. With exposure to light and age this color becomes deeper and more complex. Extremely durable and resistant to rot and insects, Purple Heart is famed for its use in cabinetry and custom millwork

Product Variants

Round Logs

Dimensional Lumber
(Green or Kiln Dried)

Sawn Timber

Finished Decking Products

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